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Slogan & Philosophy

Brand Slogan

자연에서 찾은 해답
Beautiful Charm given by nature,
organic and vegan

Do you know the fact that healthy animals and
nature hurt for healthy skin?

Noav is a totally vegan cosmetic which exclude animal experiments and animal oriented ingredients,
adopting each ingredients with appreciating to surprising ingredients gathered from nature.

Brand Philosophy

Ethical brand philosophy which
protects sustainable healthy beauty


Safe and nice ingredients

  • Exclude synthetic perfume which can stimulate the skin
  • Exclude coloring
  • Exclude all 20 kinds of harmful doubt ingredients
  • Exclude all 25 kinds of allergic ingredients designated by FDA

Vegan beauty

  • Vegan beauty(Vegan) : The product of eco-friendly ingredients which doesn’t add
    animal oriented ingredients and raw materials, and doesn’t do animal experiment like
    Toxic test
  • Cruelty free:Exclude all animal experiments